Improving your English language skills is an ongoing task. Even native English speakers should make an effort to learn, improve and expand their vocabulary. As an international student having a good level of English is very important; not just for communication and learning, but also to take the next step in your education, especially if you’re looking to study either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

We’ve gathered some of the best apps around to help you improve your knowledge, vocabulary and how to use each phrase correctly.

Vocabulary Builder

This is one of the most helpful apps to improve your English vocabulary.

Easy to use, Vocabulary Builder enables users to expand, enhance and build upon their vocabulary through free games. Quiz yourself every day to learn the 1200 most important words.

Words with Friends

Designed to look like a crossword puzzle, this app lets people test their vocabulary in a similar style to the way that Scrabble does. Using tiles of letters on a board, players must try and create the highest scoring word over other players. Play against friends or randomly selected opponents. Expand your vocabulary and test your wit in this easy to play and hugely popular gaming app.

Word of the Day

This handy app lets you learn a new word ever day. Created with the help of professional English language tutors and lecturers, this app uses some of the most interesting words to help you develop your vocabulary. With Word of The Day you’ll be able to go back and browse past words you’ve learned and share them with friends.

Improve English: Word Game

This app works on advanced scientific algorithms that help you both learn and improve your English language skills. The courses are created to expand your vocabulary as well as help better your knowledge of English idioms, phrasal verbs, and common confusing English words that would help you achieve the next level of language skills.

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