The University of Roehampton is a diverse place, with a student population of 10,000 students who represent 140 nationalities. To help you make the most of your time studying with us, we’ve put together a short list of study tips.

Build a routine

Setting a routine is the best way to understand how many activities you can complete in the time that you have. Dividing your time into repeatable patterns of work and leisure will help you to remember key parts of the week and meet deadlines.

To keep up with your schedule, we suggest planning it on a wall calendar in your bedroom so you are always reminded of it. This will also help you manage your deadlines.

Exercise for a release

Many studies have shown that exercise helps your memory and thinking – mostly by improving the health of brain cells and stimulating new blood vessels. It also helps to improve sleep and anxiety issues, which are common problems for students. At the University of Roehampton, we have numerous sporting teams and an on-site gym. The campus itself is set in 54 acres of parkland, woodland and lakes, which is perfect for getting some fresh air, whether you want to go out jogging or on a long walk.

Hard tasks first

A natural reaction for students, and everyone else, is to work on quick and easy tasks first, leaving the more challenging tasks to the last moment. You will feel a bigger sense of achievement and make better progress if you do it the other way around. Begin by ranking your tasks in order of difficulty and be sure to tackle the most complex task first.

If something feels like a big project, often the best step is to try to break it up in to smaller, more manageable tasks. It will also help you focus on each smaller element.

Be more visual

Digital marketing agency, Zabisco, found that 90% of information that travels to the brain is visual. Visuals are also processed 60,000x faster than text. For many students, using models, diagrams and photography while learning will really to improve the retention of information. Using visuals is also a smart way of presenting information when writing presentations and academic papers.

Talk through your answers with others

Building your ideas can be difficult. However, if you can verbally explain them in a way that people understand – you will stand a better chance when it comes to doing a presentation or writing an exam. Often, by talking through your ideas, the people you are talking to will provide feedback and help to improve your delivery. Whether you need to improve your English or the overall quality of your responses, find a partner that is willing to feedback and you will continue to improve.

Drink water

A lack of water can cause symptoms such as poor memory and fatigue. The brain is approximately 85% water, which means it needs to stay hydrated to perform. You might find it useful to purchase a reusable water bottle that you take everywhere. There are numerous taps and drinking water stations around campus, which will give you plenty of chances to stay hydrated.

Avoid distractions

Finally, and most importantly, avoid distractions. You need to find the learning environment that suits you, away from the things that might interrupt your flow. Quiet workspaces and libraries really work for many students. If you do decide to work in from your private accommodation, turn off your phone and avoid social media.

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