Last updated: 04 January 2022

Our priority is to help protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and communities. We’re continuing to follow guidance from the Government for our students and staff to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and ensure everyone feels safe and welcome on-campus.

Please continue to check your university emails as we will be updating you with important information.

We all need to work together to stop the spread of Covid-19, so please continue to follow the rules set out by the Government .

Government guidance

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced on 27 November 2021 the temporary introduction of new measures as a result of the Omicron variant. These measures are precautionary, while the variant is tracked and assessed. The Government asks everybody to act carefully and remain cautious.

We’re continuing to follow guidance from the Government and our priority remains the continuity of your learning. Please continue to check your email. Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

If you are finding this period of time challenging, please do speak with our Welfare Team, who are always on hand to support you with any queries or personal matters that you may come across during your studies. Our friendly team are here to help and can also share a variety of resources with you that you may find useful.

New measures following the UK Government announcement

In line with Government guidance, we are:

  • Continuing our enhanced cleaning regime
  • Encouraging all students and staff to continue to wash your hands
  • Requesting all students and staff wear a face covering when entering and moving around on-campus, in breakout spaces and in one-to-one appointments where a 2-metre social distance cannot be maintained
  • Asking all to maintain a 2-metre social distance, where possible
  • Operating a check-in process when you arrive on-campus through QR codes on our branded banners. NHS Test and Trace QR codes will also be available to scan
  • Encouraging all students and staff to regularly test – even if you do not have coronavirus symptoms – using the Covid-19 rapid lateral flow test (LFT)
  • Asking you to stay home and self-isolate if you have Covid-19 symptoms. You will need to arrange a PCR test
  • Asking you to book a place on campus including appointments with our support services
  • Encouraging all one-to-one appointments to be conducted online where practical and possible

Information for applications and offer holders 

Information for current students

What actions are you taking in centres?

We continue to be guided by Government and sector advice in all our planning and are undertaking risk assessments of each of our teaching locations.

Our priorities remain the health, wellbeing and safety of our students, staff and communities, and to ensure access to learning so you are able to continue your journey to graduation and your future career goals.

If we identify an increased risk to our community or have to make a change to the way we operate, we will let you know.

Our focus is on making sure we can provide a safe and welcoming environment in our Centres. As such, we are implementing a number of measures in our buildings, including:

  • Requiring face coverings to be worn in classrooms, break out spaces and when moving around campuses
  • Ensuring enhanced cleaning regimes are followed with key areas deep-cleaned at the end of each day
  • Displaying Covid-19 safety and awareness signage through our buildings, highlighting stair access routes
  • Installing sanitiser stations in receptions, breakout spaces and classrooms
  • Offering appointments with each of our support services, online, via telephone and on-campus, so you can still access all of our support teams

Read the QA Coming in to Campus Guide here with important information on checking in and out of our buildings, cleaning regimes and testing.


Please note: This information is accurate at the time of sharing. We continue to monitor and follow government guidance in relation to Covid-19 and are prepared to adapt accordingly to changes in guidance to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. All courses commencing from August 2021 may be offered as a mix of face-to-face and online learning activities. Where necessary as a result of changes to restrictions, face-to-face contact time may be increased or decreased.

Should restrictions increase in the future, this may require a return to full online offer. Online may include, but is not limited to, activities delivered through your VLE and additional learning platforms to enable collaboration, connection and engagement with learning materials, resources and people, including our student support services. Any alternative teaching, assessment and support arrangements which may be implemented are designed to enable you to achieve the same learning outcomes you would normally, ensuring the value and quality of your award remain unchanged.

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